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    This lockdown has got me looking at more and more airsoft gear (and maybe buying some too), it got me wondering what everyone’s ideal loadout would be, reply with your ideal loadouts, whether you already have it, are currently building it or just really want it in the future. Here is mine:

    SAS Operation Nimrod Loadout
    MP5 – Ideally full metal and gas
    Browning High Power – gas obvs
    Clothing as below

    Operation Nimrod Loadout

    Sniper Loadout
    SRS Silverback
    SRS Silverback

    Kicking Mustang Ghillie Suit
    TM Mark 23

    I am still considering my other options, Ill update when I get better ideas on what I want

    jonny sayer-smith

    my currect and ideal loadout while dressed as a Serbian citizen smith and sometimes an Russian FSO Agent my ideal rifle is the G&G CM16 RK47. its reliability is its best thing in my opinion its never stopped working, never jammed
    always shooting at a painful 330 fps.

    WE Makarov: currently in need for a new loading nozzle but still packs a punch while working very good sneaky weapon if ever taken hostage to whip out

    WE COLT 1911B: nicknamed my ol’ reliable this has never had any problems even though ive dropped it countless times but still holds up to its ruthless ping power

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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