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    As the number of members on the website grows it would be good to introduce yourself to everyone else so if we meet in the arena or on discord you get an idea of who you are talking to – Ill go first:

    Newbie airsofter and online gamer (20+ years), an old fart (43) with a young heart and a thirst for knowledge. I’m a pro photographer and designer in real life and enjoy the online gaming and real life airsoft for the gear, the games and the people.

    Now it’s your turn!!

    Tony Mcgray

    TIGER (Tony Mcgray)
    4-5 years into airsoft and a life long gamer, I am 27 as of writing this. STILL looking for a job thanks COVID-19. You can’t miss me on the field as it go for the old skool gear and weapons.

    Dan Coleman

    Dan (Coleman Airsoft)

    I been playing airsoft for 4 years and just got back into it I used to play in woodland but trying something new and cqb is where I have landed I’m a full time career my currant gear is a Farbarm Stf 12 tri shotgun and for secondary is mk23

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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